Monday, April 10, 2006

Captain Jimmy's Bootleg Movie Review: Ocean's Twelve

So it's been a while since I've seen a bootleg movie, but this version of Ocean's Twelve did not disappoint. The movie kicks off with fairly poor video color quality with Japanese sub-captions and poor text display format. All that aside, the movie was great! Danny Ocean (George Clooney) is at it again scheming up a way to make millions on a heist. Unfortunately this time Ocean's involvement and his 10 other sidekicks is a result of Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) tracking everyone from the first movie down (even though in the first movie he didn't even know they existed) and making them pay back what they stole, plus interest. The movie continually points out that Benedict was reimbursed by the insurance agency, but I'm not quite sure why this was hinted at time and time again. It really eluded me.

Anywho, Ocean's Eleven wend up finding out that they are being played by some French Thief who is the master of all thieves otherwise known as The Night Fox. This guy is neither a knight, nor a fox by the way. It turns out that The Night Fox is who helped Benedict track down all of Ocean's Eleven team solely so he could see who was the better thief. Needless to say a new heist comes up and only Detective Lahiri (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is smart enough to figure it all out. To rap things up things get pretty intense and we finally discover that the 12th member alluded to is none other than Julia Roberts er, Tess Ocean (Julia Roberts).

The movie was crafty, exciting and very quick and sneaky. You have to watch closely and pay attention or you'll completely miss all the stuff the movie has to offer. Not only did I not want to turn it off, but also it was 12 midnight on a weeknight and I still had to watch the ending. Despite my lack of sleep that night I give this movie 4 superbly picked pockets, out of 5!

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