Monday, April 24, 2006

If you’re looking for a good movie to watch, and you happen to be from a small town in Massachusetts, I would suggest the film Beautiful Girls. Now before you go off thinking, “Boy is Jimmy a perve or what?!” Lets take a look at what the film is actually about shall we. Unfortunately for you pornoholics this movie is not going to satisfy your addiction. The movie was made back in 1996 though this doesn’t mean that it stinks. To start with, the movie has such stars as Rosie O’Donnell, Matt Dillon, Annabeth Gish (Agent Reyes from The X-Files) and event the great and wonderful Natalie Portman (though it is a 13 year version of her yet even then she was great). While this isn’t a Captain Jimmy Movie Review, I will say this movie is worth watching, especially if you are an adult and still live to be back with your high school buddies, or you actually do live with your high school buddies. Not only does the movie address the crossroads in our lives, as well as what our lives might be like had we all been from a small town and stayed there forever, but it also addresses the great thing that is friendship. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Vikki I am recommending this movie specifically for you. So if you haven’t seen it, go see it! Well, you’ll actually have to rent it since it is 10 years olds, but go do it! By the way is it normal for a film that takes place in Massachusettes to be filmed in Minnesota?

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