Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Have you seen these new Doublemint Twin Mints commercials yet? They're the ones with the two goofballs wearing some green pin-striped shirt that look nothing alike yet sing like they are in some kind of old Broadway musical. The concept is that Doublemint Twin Mints are different from the gum, so let's make the "twins" doing the singing completely different. In all seriousness here, how much are those two nuckleheads singing getting paid? I'll tell you this much. If Wrigley hired me to do that singing and dancing crap they'd be about broke because I wouldn't be doing that junk for mere pocket change. Where do they find people to do that? Does Wrigley just walk around the streets of, say, Pasadena, CA and think, "Hey look at those two idiots over there. They look retarded enough to be in our latest commercial. I bet they can't sing for crap!" I tell you this much, I wouldn't be playing the role of one of the idiotic background singers and dancers for cheap either.

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