Saturday, April 08, 2006

Campbell BrownUnless you’ve been living under a rock the past few days you should know that Today’s co-anchor, Katie Couric has announced her leave from the famed mourning show effective this May. While not a fan of hers at all (I think she acts like a ditz and dresses like a 16 year old just so people will like her) I was quite pleased to hear this news. Of course in my mind, this leave of Katie’s could only mean one thing; make way for my favorite news personality of all time, Campbell Brown! Not only is she super attractive, well okay, she’s super attractive. If she and Katie were to go at it fists and all Campbell would come out looking like she just walked a mile, while Katie would probably be in a bloodied heap of a mess on the ground. But of course, NBC throws the monkey wrench of all time and decides to hire that woman from The View who also hosts Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. What the BEEP! This is not what I’ve been looking forward to for years! Why have you dashed all my hopes and dreams NBC? Why have you denied the most wonderful talk head her right of passage into the weekday Today show? I would have started to watch more of the Today show. I would have gone into The Workplace later just to watch her (like I do on days she subs in). But hey, NBC screwed up yet again and just lost even more viewers for its popular mourning show.

Despite the fact that Campbell got married last Sunday, it still doesn’t mean we all can’t dream and hope for a divorce. It’s a good thing the Half-Sevens Rule1 doesn’t apply to older women.

1Half-Sevens Rule: A rule brought to my attention by Andy that states that a man can have relations with a younger women provdied her age is half of that of the man's age plus seven. For example, I am currently 25 so I would be able to see a women that is half of my age (12) plus 7, which would be 19. Note: This rule gets better with age and keeps those real young people from being together.

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Justin said...

I don't know whats wrong with me, but I've always been semi-attracted to Meredith Viera (miss View and WWTBAM). I doubt that comes to much surprise though.