Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So I've been in Buffalo, NY for the last three days now and I am starting to get pretty darn sick of their accent, ya know? See I'm even starting to think with it. Luckily I'll be heading back to gold ol' PA tomorrow just in time for The Office with any luck. The roads here that I'm traveling on are uterly brutal. Apparently these are 4 lane highways with only a middle double yellow line for road markings. This means that two lanes of traffic travel in each direction with no lane dividers. Also suddenly these two lane roads become one and then two again before you even know it! New Yorkers are all honkin' their horns left and right at me! Also the No Turn On Red signs seem to be optional to follow and a red traffic light simply means come a slow roll and then drive on thru the red light; straight!. I could never make it here unless I had a giant Hummer that I was allowed to run people over with.

In other news I'm trying to get on this MySpace bandwagon here before I'm left out of the loop. So today I got an email (from a devoted fan apparently) requesting that I be her friend on MySpace. "That's cool," I think, "I'm with it. I'm hip." So I click on the link to take me away to Internet Connection Land. MySpace works as it intends too but I can't help but notice the giant picture of the half naked chicks on every other page. I mean, X10 camera ads have those sizzlin' hot babes advertising for them, but the ads are pretty small. These puppies take up half the page! No exaggeration! So I'm not really sure who MySpace is catering too, but it appears to be the young, 20 year old males that are so obviously sex crazy. If only the majority of my friends looked like that I'd be pretty darn happy!

NOTE: If you are one of my friends, please note that the last remark was merely for entertainment purposes only. Take no offense. As your mom would say, "But you are so beautiful on the inside." Huh! What a load of crap!

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