Monday, April 17, 2006

So I go to Buffalo, NY for a week, come back and everything outside is either green, white, or pink. It’s quite nice actually. Where we were at in Buffalo we saw either brown, black, or tan and those colors weren’t the colors of nature, but the colors of ghetto towns, nasty Lake Erie and NY traffic. So needless to say I was glad to be back home.

With Easter being this past weekend, it was another fun filled event at my Grandma’s. Just like last year’s post, here are some of my favorite recaps.
  • Digging a hole to plant flowers with a nice shovel, but as soon as I pull the shovel from the ground, only the handle comes back.
  • Replacing said shovel with a cheap plastic one and attempting to dig a hole.
  • Watching my sister squeeze a robin’s egg to see if it was real and it popping in her hand getting dead baby bird all over her!
  • Knowing that my sister is OCD about stuff like that and not having anything to clean off her hands with within 5 miles!
  • Watching my grandma put half a dinner plate of food out “for the birds.” My brother-in-law says it’s got to be some groundhog or cat that really eats that stuff.
  • Waking up on the living room couch with a mouth full of white dog hair. Blahhh.
  • Schooling a 6 year old in Mario Kart 64 and watching her get really ticked off!
  • Having said 6 year old tell me she will take my glasses from me and break them!
  • Hearing the dinner conversation move from menopause to constipation to colonoscopies in a matter of minutes, literally.
  • Waiting for my great uncle to bring up how he wants the bar my grandfather made that now resides in father’s basement . . . again!
  • Listening to my great uncle bring up said event as well as the appraisal of my grandma’s house . . . again!
  • Trying to find anything in my grandma’s house with either real sugar, salt, or fat in it. No go.

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