Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Of course you know Google is probably the most popular search engine in the history of the planet. It’s so popular in fact tat I’ve even heard people refer to search engine as a verb: “Why don’t you Google it to find out more about it?” But did you know that Google is on heck of a scientific calculator? “Hey what’s two Google three?” Why five or course! Not only can you do simple math like 1 + 1 or 4.5 / 5.75, but also you can do numeric conversions. Go ahead try it. Just type, “165 lbs in kg” and watch your weight be converted to metric. Want to know how many milliliters are in 25 ounces? “25 oz in ml” Come on, give me something hard. There are tons of conversions you can do, including base conversions! “0b1100112 in decimal.” If I were a virtual calculating machine, I’d be in love. I tried to get tricky on it and test out some higher-level mathematics like logarithms and imaginary numbers and it trucked along without any issue. I decided I’d pull out the big guns with the equation, eπi + 1 and wouldn’t you believe it, the number zero popped out. I was speechless.

You might ask why this equation is so unique. Well the answer is really quite simple. This is the only equation that uses all five major symbols of mathematics and only those symbols once. e being the irrational base used when computing natural logs, π being the proportion of an circle’s circumference to its diameter, i being the imaginary number representing the square root of negative 1, the number 1 of course, and 0, the symbol representing nothing at all. Truly a mathematical wonder I do believe! At one time I proved this equations using integrals and summations, but that was high school and has been long since forgotten, just believe me when I say it’s a true equation.


Andy said...

you need a girlfriend

Moose said...

Two things:

1. it's e^(pi*i) + 1 = 0 (that plus not minus)

2. it also has three major operations: addition, multiplication, and exponentiation, each represented once.


Jimmy said...

Moose, you're just too darn predictable. If only you'd correct my spelling typos as much as you do my math ones.

Andy said...

Ok, I was wrong, Moose needs the girlfriend more.

Moose said...

Meh, who cares about spelling.

And you're probably right, Andy.