Thursday, August 24, 2006

Finally justice! For years I have been arguing (it was really just an internal argument) for the removal of the planet Pluto from our solar system. Frankly I was worried about the addition of 3 new planets to our solar system, but thanks to the removal of that proposal and the intelligence of the scientific astronomical societies, Pluto has been demoted to the likes of Dwarf Planet. With the new definition of Planet, and the addition of Dwarf Planet, our solar system will now contain eight planets around our sun (Dave Matthews may have to change some lyrics) and countless other dwarf planets and small solar system bodies. Why should a mass smaller than the Moon and orbiting the sun in a debris of ice and rock be considered a planet anyway? Well now it's not. So let's get those text book updated and let's pop the cork (for the second time in a week).

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