Friday, August 04, 2006

Since it has come up in a growingly lengthy blog comment, let’s talk about stupid things we have done in front of the opposite sex (or same sex depending on which team you play for). There is really only one I can think of that I had done blatantly, and the thought came about while I was getting an ice cream sunday earlier this evening for dinner (yeah that’s right, I had ice cream for dinner. What of it?!). A few years ago, back when I worked for seven weeks at camp instead of just two, I had gone out one night with my friends Justin (a.k.a. The Movie and TV Guru) and Kerri to just hang out and have some fun. We wound up reeking havoc at the local grocery store and Toys R Us. Before we made it to the Toys R Us I saw a giant gumball machine at the grocery store (I believe my actual response was, “Ooooooh! Giant gumball machine!!”). In this machine there was only one flavor of gumball. Lemon. But the beauty about these gumballs was that they were the actual size of a lemon. I had to try one of these.

So while The Movie and TV Guru was checking out with the very cute cashier chick, I decided to get myself a big ol’ smackin’ gumball. I put my fifty cents in the machine, turned the dial and after a few metallic clankity clanks, my lemon-sized gumball was in my hand in all its candy coated yellow glory. Of course I wasn’t stupid enough to shove the whole thing in my mouth at once, but I was stupid enough to bite the darn thing in half and begin to chew. Of course Cute Cashier just looked on and laughed at my pathetic attempt to get a good laugh from her. I got more than that unfortunately.

After about six to eight chews the flavor and juice of the ginormous gumball was just too much. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Drool suddenly burst forth form my mouth and quickly kept flowing from between my lips. Yellow, lemon scented drool was all over my face, and suddenly all over the grocery store floor. Of course since I am not above laughing at myself I began laughing hysterically at the situation, which only made the situation worse. Needless to say Cute Cashier then only looked disgusted with me and slightly irritated at the pool of drool I had accumulated on the floor. Fortunately I still detected a smile from her lips.

Okay so it wasn’t a shining moment in the life of Jimmy, but I found the situation quite humorous and to top it all off, I was able to blow bubbles bigger than my face that evening! This may sound cool, but when they pop . . . Well I’m sure you can imagine. That stickiness just seems to stick around forever too.

Who else want to share a story here?!


Lindsay said...

Maybe this is why are you still single?!?! I've never done anything too stupid to impress a guy. I am impressive by nature!

Jimmy said...

You're something by nature that's for sure!

Lindsay said...

Oh I'm "something" all right. I'm just glad you know it too!

JLC said...

Wow... stupid stuff I've done in front of the opposite sex. This has actually totally triggered a memory, and I'll put it in le blog (since I don't want to leave a really long comment here, hah).

DMM said...

There was a cute guy I use to work with as I was walking in from lunch I turned to say hi to him and fell up the staircase. All I could do was sit there and laugh.