Thursday, August 03, 2006

Well I did it. I finally caught my big fish; two to be exact. Both were about 29 inches. That’s pretty big for a fish I think. I’ll have pictures once I get home. The kicker was having two teenagers watch us from about 40 feet away fishing in the exact same river and catching absolutely nothing. In a couple hours The Brother-In-Law and I racked up three 29 inchers, and two 17 inchers. Some highlights of that time include:

The Almost Catch – This is where I snag my second big one! My line goes crazy and about 10 seconds later, Teenager #2’s line starts going crazy. The next words of out Teenager #2 are, “This thing is HUGE! I’ll feed my whole family with this one!” After about a 5-minute fight with the beast we (well okay me) are rather amused at the fact that we have both landed the exact same fish! Or so Teenager #2 thought. Turns out once I got the big guy on the shore Teenager #2’s hook got caught in my line and thus he landed absolutely nothing. The fish was all mine!

The Line Tangle Catch – This is where The Brother-In-Law and my line got slightly crossed and in the ordeal of moving the rods around to get them straight again, The Brother-In-Law landed a fish. To this Teenager #1 uttered, “You have got to be kidding me!” in quite obvious disgust.

The Final Words – Once the last fish was caught and brought on-shore to unhook, Teenager #2 stated in words that he didn’t realize we overheard, “I have never been more jealous in my entire life than I am right now.”

This was where, with smiles on our faces, my fishing partner and I decided to call it day. What a fantastic day it was. For us anyway.

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