Thursday, August 10, 2006

Life. If you're not depressed about it, maybe you really should be. And here are my reasons why. First of all, there is no way you could possibly hope to achieve all that you ever desire in life (unless of course you are one for those no personality types that desires absolutely nothing, in which case you fall into my next thought) and even if you do achieve it all, then what? Sit around all day remembering the "good times?" Then as you meander throughout life, you'll make friends, become really close to some of them, and then just like that, they move, or you move, or they get married, or whatever and they are gone. Just like that. Never to be heard from again. It's like you never knew them aside from the random pictures you look at from time to time that have these strangers you so vaguely remember from the past. And unless you're filthy rich, you need funding to do any sort of career change, or to go back to school, or to do any great adventure that could possibly arouse some type of excitement within. Then finally you're left with some constant drab that you do day in and day out which eventually becomes meaningless dribble and you wind up blogging some nights just so you can possibly reach out to anyone out there (no matter how stalkeresk) to just simply be heard.

Now of course there definitely are reasons to not be depressed about life, but right now I don't really feel like telling you about those.


Lindsay said...

Buck up cowboy! You have a lot going for you; you're young, you're single, you're intelligent, you may not be mr. rich but you should be pretty financially ok, so do something that will make you not be depressed. Don't just sit around & be miserable, do something to change. Or you can just stay where you are now & because a bitter, miserable, lonely old man! Figure out what you want & go for it.

JLC said...

I agree with the above. The more miserable you act, the more miserable you will actually become. You'll become what you see in the mirror. Somone once said that to me, and it makes sense. SMILE. LIFE IS GOOD. No really, I'm serious.