Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I think meetings at The Workplace should be much more like sport huddles or team strategy meetings. Think about it? These sport occurrences pump you up, get you ready to play your best, and quickly and efficiently address any issue that the team may be having and how to overcome it. Meetings at The Workplace are often lengthy, indecisive, unproductive, and meaningless. Rarely is anyone commended on his or her work or attendance. Most people love sports so why not make a boring, lifeless workday become interesting and competitive? Besides, what wouldn’t be awesome about everyone putting his or her hands in the middle of the conference table, raising their hands and shouting, “GOOOOOOOOO WORKPLACE!?” That or clap “BREAK!” The occasional chest-to-chest exclamation might be useful too on completion of a well-executed project.


Lindsay said...

I think the chest-to-chest thing might be a little bit dangerous in some of our meetings. But overall this is a great idea. I think the agenda for each meeting should start with a cheer.

DMM said...

You are something. I think I miss you.

Shouting cheer

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