Monday, January 15, 2007

Friend VWhile I haven’t broken anything with my Nintendo Wii-mote yet, or needed to replace one of those idiotic wrist straps, the same isn’t true for my game crazed friends. Let’s start with Friend V. She was preparing for the tennis backhand of all time when she released the Wii-mote like an Ultimate Frisbee kickoff. Had she been sporting the wrist strap I’m sure the strap would have broke sending the remote into the wall creating a hole probably visible with our government’s spy satellites. Luckily the strap wasn’t present thus allowing the remote a straight line or travel sending it directly into a picture frame on the wall next to the TV shattering glass throughout a meter radius. A loud sound erupted along with instant amazement that the remote was no longer in V’s hand.

Friend E. She was preparing for the tennis overhand smack down of the millennium when her remote escaped her grasp narrowly missing Friend A and M’s faces by near centimeters. The Wii-mote ended up 12 feet behind her crashing to the tiled kitchen floor.

Finally Friend A, whom after seeing the results of V, and being saved by the Grace of God with E, decided she would don the wrist strap in an effort to not only save lives, but also my furniture. Sadly I thought the wrist strap recall was to be mocked instead of followed thru with allowing A to chuck the remote full bore at the fireplace during one wicked tennis forearm follow-thru. The strap snapped, the fireplace screamed, and the room silenced. Fortunately the remote missed the glass doors by a finger width, hitting the metal frame around them instead. Nothing was damaged (except the strap).

Now grant it what some of you might take away from this story is to not let your friends play with your Wii. Or maybe you should make your friends wear the wrist straps (that you should make sure you replace if they were recalled). Or maybe don’t let girls play in general, or teachers for that matter (all friends involved with mishandling the Wii-motes were school teachers mind you). But if there’s anything I learned this past weekend it was this: those Wii-motes can take a hell of a lot of abuse and still work like champs! The same remote was involved in all accidents and it still can knock the stink out of any pursuing rabbid!

Oh yeah, I also learned to get a copy of Rayman Raving Rabbids now!! I said NOW! GO! HURRY! Do it now before I get angry!


Anonymous said...

I have let go of the Wiimote a couple times, mainly because my hands get way too sweaty, I do wear the strap though, I don't trust myself!

Also, Rayman is great!

And I got Warioware tonight, woohoo!

Justin said...

Oops, that was me, obviously.

Jimmy said...

Ahh Warioware. Video game crack. Can't wait to play this summer.

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