Monday, January 29, 2007

This picture is Luck. The following story is my life on Luck. You’ll have questions.

If you’ve been wondering why it’s flippin’ freezing outside and snowing like it’s going out of style it’s because recently (and for a short period of time only) I have come into the possession of one BMW Z3 convertible. It’s on loan from my great aunt who is currently and temporarily unable to drive it. I’ve been itching to drive this thing for years and years now! Then finally I had my chance. And what the flip happened? It went from 65 to 25 in exactly 10 hours flat. Add a couple inches of snow and that adds up to me driving the thing approximately 7 times, one of which was in an ice storm and another in a flippin’ blizzard.

Last night I left home to eat dinner with my grandma and the weather was beautiful out! The roads were dry and the sun was shining (still blazin’ cold though). So I figured I take The Beamer out. I left after dinner to drive into The Big City to play some volleyball and suddenly it was a white out! I couldn’t see the road markings, I was sliding all over the place (why anyone would want a vehicle with rear-wheel drive is beyond me), and I couldn’t see more that 20 feet in front of me. By the time I got there and back narrowly avoiding two sliding collisions and one heck of an icy parking space, I was half drained. If I were a woman, I probably would have cried. Every day I take my Chevy out because they call for snow, it doesn’t and roads are dry. I back The Beamer out of the garage and it’s a guaranteed snow maker. WTF? I told my dad last night I was never driving the thing again. While I do like the snow it’s not worth that kind of emotional stress. What does it matter anyway? As soon as I return the car the temps will be back up to 70. When the weather gets nice again, you’ll know when I returned The Beamer.

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