Friday, January 05, 2007

WTF? I do it every year and this year is no exception. This is where I complain about the flippin’ weather. In the words of my neighbor, “It is mad hot outside.” I hate this weather. People keep telling me how nice the weather is outside. I respond to them, “No! No it’s not!” That or, “Don’t talk to me” depending on who told me the inaccurate fact. Do you realize that as I type this entry it is a whopping sixty mother truckin' degrees outside my window? Big whoop you say?! It’s flippin’ January! Josh sent me an email today that read this:

From: Josh
To: Jamie
Subject: Hidden valley
Hidden valley is ready to go! See you on the slopes!


I responded simply with:

From: Jamie
To: Josh
Subject: Re: Hidden valley
I hate you!


DMM said...

Get your ass on a plane and get to Colorado and get your ski fix. I on the other hand adore this weather mostly because I hate snow and ice when I'm driving.

Jimmy said...

I hate you as well.