Monday, February 21, 2005

I'm not one for a bunch of hoopla and foo in my car. I don't have power windows, or a sun roof, or even a fancy shmancy stereo system. I just don't like all that in a car. But I do have automatic audio adjustment. What's that you say? Let's say I'm at a stop sign and this great song comes on the radio so I turn up the volume. Now as I start to move and pick up speed, the engine starts to drown out the radio, so you turn the volume up some more right? WRONG! The volume automatically adjusts! It's fantastic! Where would I be without it? Probably with carpal tunnel from turning the knob so dang much.

So I'm driving home today in the rain (yeah where's the snow?) and I'm thinking, "Wow, you know what would be great? If my windshield wipers worked just like my stereo!" If you're pokin' along in the rain, the windshield really doesn't get too wet, so you don't need the wipers on full bore, but when you start to get movin', that rain starts to come down! So it would be nice if my wipers would pick up the pace as well. Maybe I'll drop Chevy a note or something, heck maybe it's a feature that already exists out there. In any event, if I'd just put that darn RainX on my car, this would all be a mute point...

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Andy said...

Ah yes, speed sensitive wipers. They exist and I have them. What I don't have is rain-sensitive wipers that come on automatically when it's raining. That was an option I didn't want to pay for.

I also have volume control on the back of my steering wheel, so I can change the volume without moving my hand from the wheel.