Tuesday, February 22, 2005

We are all given a choice. A choice to get up in the morning, a choice to go to work or school, heck we even get the choice to keep on choosing. Sometimes we make the wrong choices. It’s inevitable really. Let’s for numbers sake say that we make on average one choice in our life per minute. I think that’s a bit low, but this is for demonstration purposes only. That equates to roughly 37,869,120 choices in an average lifetime. That’s a lot of choices. How can we possibly make the right choice every single time? Lots of times those choices are not obvious and lots of times they are without consequence. But sometimes our lives come down to a single moment where the right choice is mandatory. Some of us make the right choice, some of us do not. Everyday we see the wrong choices people make. Cause and affect. You chose to do this, ergo, something else happens. Sometimes we get so rapped up in our own choices, we don’t think about everyone else making theirs. Then, suddenly it hits you like sack of bricks. Someone else makes the wrong choice and now your eyes are suddenly open to all that exists around you. All the choices that everyone everywhere is making are now apparent to you. Sometimes I think it would be nice to not have to make any choices. Predestination they call it. Our lives are laid out in a book and can never change, case closed. Every decision is made for us and we have no control over it. We are merely pawns in a giant game of chess completely out of control and completely worthless. Wouldn’t that be nice? We wouldn’t be responsible for our own actions; we wouldn’t have to care about other’s actions. Why would we? There’s nothing we can do about it so just move on. But then I think, “What kind of life would that be?” The fact that we have freewill is an unfathomable gift. We determine our own destiny and we are in control of where are lives can lead (not discounting God here, please note careful use of words). However, there is that mistake of making the wrong choice. And that is something that everyone has to live with. The amazing part is other’s choices affect our own choices. So when someone else makes the wrong choice, we have the choice to try and make their wrong choice, right. Our choices determine our lives and other’s, so although you won’t always make the right one, consider that every choice you make not only affects your life, but the lives around you as well.

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