Sunday, February 20, 2005

So my goal for this week is to get my blogging rear back on track. Last week sort of went by like a freight train, but there could be an end in sight. Pops is back home from Hawaii so the vacation is over for me as well. It was sort of nice living by myself for a week. I got to cook for myself, and play music all the time, and even control the temperature (that may have been the nicest perk). But you know, I can't complain now. I enjoy living with my Dad (for now) and it seems like he enjoys having me around too. Heck, I can fix just about anything (though he still chooses to call good old Dick Lighty to fix the washing machine) and he would pretty much be unable to watch TV if I weren't around do to the four remotes and receiver. All in all, I like living here, though with a nice taste of living on my own, it may be sooner rather than later I find my own place. All I have to do is either wait for someone to pass away, or build my own place, and I'm good to go.

In other news, I got my butt whooped in volleyball this evening. Six games and not a one won. The first three it was 6 on 3 (me being in the three) but I'd say we held our own. Though after the head on collision with me and Dan in game 3, our playing slacked a little. I'm pretty sure if Dan wasn't intoxicated he would have been out for the count. I'm surprised I walked away from it to tell you the truth. I'm told it looked pretty bad. Two people diving for one ball at each other low to the ground full speed is not a good recipe. The first two games were like 20-25 or something, the last game was a little worse, but hey, the other team had Godzilla A and Godzilla B up at the net at all times and all we had was my 6 foot tall self, another 6 footer and a slightly intoxicated 5'6" Dan. Like I said, I think we did pretty well all things considering.

After driving thru an inch of sleet and freezing rain I made it to Cove Park to play my next three games. We were playing the defending champions and though this time it was 6 on 6, they were the defending champions, but we should have least pulled off one game. But we couldn't. At least I played better than last Thursday. I taped up my finger so I wouldn't break it again and I somehow found my lost blocking skills that have been escaping me the last 6 months. Maybe I've got a second wind in me after all...

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