Saturday, February 26, 2005

So we have a winter here people! Yesterday we finally got some snow! FINALLY! So I did what any 24 year old ski bum would have done, I called in sick and headed out the The Knob! And let me tell you, was it ever worth it! I got up there around 10AM and there was already a couple inches of fresh snow on the ground and about 10 people out there. As the day went on it just snowed harder and harder! And it was fluffy, dry, perfect snow! My mouth watered every time I rode the lift to the top. By the time you made it to the bottom and rode back up again, your tracks were gone. Though come 4PM my legs were completely beat. I could barely move anymore, and as much as I hated to leave, I had too. It was an amazing day and although I may have lied to my boss to get it, it was well worth it. I'll be heading up tomorrow morning to complete the week. Did I hear more snow on Sunday?

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