Wednesday, February 23, 2005

So here's the low down if you're looking for a digital camera. I realize there's a lot of variety out there and every person has different needs and desires. Let's face it. Digital cameras aren't what they used to be. My last digital camera was one of those Sony's that took a whole big floppy disk. Now I've got a Canon A95 and I'm in love it with. So what best suits your needs? First of all, think of all that you'll be doing with it. Do you want something small that can fit in your cigarette sleeve pocket or can you handle something a little bigger in your travel sack? Are you going to be printing your photos out or will be looking at them on the TV or computer? Things to consider. Frankly, if you're concerned about the megapixels and printing out your photos on a normal deskjet or home grade printer, you might as well go no higher than 3 megapixels. Your printer just won't do it justice. If you're printing from a professional grade printer, you could higher. Keep in mind that normal 35mm cameras would roughly be about the same as 5 megapixles.

Everyone loves viewfinders! In my book, the bigger the better, but some tend to disagree. You pay more for the more you see. You can get great quality cameras with small viewfinders for much less than lesser quality cameras with huge viewfinders.

So let's get down to business. What camera should you get? If you're the normal casual picture taker like most of my friends, I wouldn't go higher than 4 megapixels. Frankly, you're not going to notice the difference between 4 and 7.2 megapixels. No offense to you, you're just not into it that much. Also find something that is slimming and small. You can stuff it your pocket and pull it out anytime you want.

If you're more of a photo taker and you're into photo editing and photography, I'd go with at least a 5 meger. Those cameras usually have some color enhancers and nice effects. It's my guess if you fit in this category, you're going to have some type of gear to carry your camera in anyway since you're not taking photos of your friends at lunch. I'd go with something a little bigger and bulkier.

Getting down to Earth, I love Canon. They have always made great cameras and will continue to do so. They have a huge variety that satisfy all the categories mentioned above. They even have ones with viewfinders that revolve and rotate 180 degrees so you can see yourself when you take you're own picture! And let's face it, there is no better subject than the one you see in the mirror.

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