Friday, July 30, 2004

I got a little behind in my blogging. It appears that even though I have no parental supervision this week, I still am busier than all get-out (whatever that means). Wednesday I made dinner with Julie for her family. It was really quite good. We made chicken fried with a bread crumb/pecan coating on top of a rosemary leaf salad with a honey/BBQ dressing. The we had a baked bean casserole with a bread crumb/bacon/scallion crispy topping. I fried the chicken and made the back bean topping. Julie did the busy work like cut the onions and the salad. It may have been the best meal I ever cooked. Andy, you'd be proud of me. The recipe came from some cook book that Julie had. I guess the author is some professional chef with some TV show. I had never heard of her before. Maybe I should watch more Food Network.

Yesterday was plant failure day. At 300PM I got a call to replace A plant PC. I hate doing that! Things never go as they should. Well, yesterday, things didn't go as they should. Wound up crashing the brand new PC and had to hurry up and make a new one early this morning. Luckily the second installation went better without any problems. I wasn't too pleased with myself yesterday. But it wasn't really my fault, however no one else was doing the replacement.

If you note the time of this entry it appears that I am writing this on a Friday afternoon. Well, it turns out I am. I'm still on lunch break and decided to catch up since I have laundry to do when I get home today. Now the question is, what shall I make for dinner tonight???

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