Monday, July 26, 2004

It was my first day being The Boss! Since Ashley is on vacation this week, I get to be in charge . . . Well of the Automation/IT department anyway, which consists of only Ashley and Me. But hey, it's better than not being in charge. My whole day today was spent troubleshooting down one little problem. When you have different applications running and different databases and data being converted and re-entered into other databases all in one corporation, you're bound to have issues. Today we found out none of the blacktop plants could download the mainframe data (that contains all the trucks, customers and products in the The Workplace's systems). This normally isn't a big deal, but for some reason it was freezing the application. Plants could still run, but they had to pull their network cord out of the wall. It turns out, a hyphen isn't always what it appears to be (or "-" <> "-" in computer lingo). The blacktop application was having problems because it was looking for a regular hyphen while the mainframe data was supplying a syllable hyphen (SYH - whatever that is. It seems to be hexadecimal character CA). Due to the sorting algorithm and a recently entered truck into the mainframe, the glitch finally showed itself. The question is why did it wait until I was alone? Oh well. Finding the problem was today's feat. Fixing it will be tomorrows.

And Vikki. We don't have to go and be all mean about to me. The thing with liking teams like the Mets and the Pirates and the Stillers is that you never have any expectations of them. You're just happy to cheer for them and get lucky and see them win. Perhaps if you were to come to reality and realize your life does not revolve around Boston and their sports teams you will see how silly you have truly been!

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