Thursday, July 15, 2004

Well aren't you all just so lucky! Due to the fact that it is Thursday night and there is nothing on TV and nothing to do ANYWHERE, I decided to write about what I did earlier before this new blogger thing decided to eat it up.

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So if I have to do one more thing with time clocks at work, I just may kill someone! Recently I've been developing a Windows Service to check emails from the various time clocks and send the incoming data to the appropriate database table. If you are unclear about what a Windows Service is, just hit ctrl+shift+esc, then click on the processes tab. Most of those programs you see running are services. Instead of opening up a GUI (graphical user interface), the program just runs in the background, doing its thing without you ever knowing it. Frankly I couldn't tell you what most of the services you are currently looking at now are doing, but I'd advice not to terminate any of them. So with developing this new service, I am becoming quite the VB program guru. I have programmed anything from desktop applications, to Windows services, to web applications. Who knows what I'll do next!? Maybe some PDA applications. Let just stick with where I'm at now for the time being.

On a different note, yesterday evening I ate dinner out at the Italian place in The Big City. It's a micro-brewery meaning they make their own beer. I decided to get a sampler which is six of their best home-made beers. Each sample is 6 oz, but the best part is that the whole sampler set me back only $4.75! Where else can you get 36 oz of beer for less than a Lincoln head? Their 12 oz only costs a buck fifty! Why have I only been to this place once before?!

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Just for your information, It appears to be the fact that I am using Mozilla and trying to spell check that is crashing my internet. Right now, I would really like the old blogspot back, the spell checker was much friendlier . . .

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