Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Thanks to a recent Vikki blog and the unexpected future marriage of Britney Spears, it appears Kirsten Dunst will now be my next target of obsessive obsession. Maybe Vikki can find me a new poster . . .

So some problems at work again today. Luckily The Workplace has me working for them. Someone apparently punched in a little too hard on the touch screen of the new time clock and push the screen off of the touch pad. But, I fixed it. Also I fixed the problem of 100 emails in my inbox this morning (stupid datasets and Now all that's left to solve is why the time clock is sending out duplicate emails. When a user swipes, the time clock sends an email to an email address which I will never tell in a million years. That email address is polled by a MS Windows service and data about a swipe is recorded in a database table. There should never ever be a duplicate email so how we are getting them is a big mystery (since time and location are in the email, it is impossible to swipe and punch in/out and then do it again within one second at the same location).

Then I had to fix FuelBoss. That's a application I had nothing to do with until the fellow that wrote it was fired. Now I'm stuck with uncommented code and a few complaining people. This application sends and receives data to and from the fuel pumps that The Workplace has. I have the solution to their problem (they want to use this application across multiple corps) now tomorrow all I have to do is fix it. I'll tell ya, I'm always on top of things!

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