Friday, July 23, 2004

So it seems recently people have been complaining about blogs. Now this isn't coming from any of my friends who do blog, but from a person who shall remain nameless (of course you can click this link and find out who I'm talking about). He (though it could be a she, you never really know) states that it is silly to read blogs when you should just talk to the people for real and people only blog because they don't want to talk to others. Now, I'm a busy person. And I enjoy writing every now and then. So, why not get the best of both worlds and allow myself some creativity room to jot down my thoughts in an artistic manner I see fit, while still allowing busy people to catch up on my life and hopefully get a laugh or two in while doing it. Now I don't want to talk to all 6 of my friends (I'm not a loser, I'm only referring to my currently blogging buddies) every day and have them tell me one paragraph worth of day's information. What a waste of time! It's not as though my friends have anything good to say anyway especially those that find it satisfying to put other's down who enjoy expressing themselves (not exposing themselves) all over the internet. I say more power to us and until you take away our internet (or our ability to blog as it appears Roman has once again deserted us) WE WILL FOREVER BLOG! By the way, it's BLOG not GOLB!

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