Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Coincidence or paranormal. You decide.

Last night I woke up just after 300AM for no apparent reason. This is not a totally uncommon event, however things were not as usual. Just as I awoke, my fan started making noises like the power was going out. I checked my clock (that's how I knew it just after 3) and it still had power so I assumed there was no power issue. The uncommon thing was I suddenly came down with an uncanny fear of something I didn't know. It wasn't a fear of a lurking presence or of evil, but a fear of something that I did not know. I was just scared. My body began to get hot as I removed my covers. It took some time, but I eventually made it back to sleep to then wake up again, but at my normal time of 7AM. My morning routine was its typical thing, and I didn't think a thing about that night's bizarre events.

Then on the way to work, my usual road I take was closed just a few miles from my house. After a slight detour and a lot of curiosity, I made it to work only to find out that the reason the road was closed was due to a barn that had caught on fire. A driver who must have either fallen asleep or been drunk at the wheel crashed into the barn and took out a power line, causing the barn to catch on fire. The driver was trapped in the car, but was pulled out to safety by some neighbors that heard the commotion.

Later I found out the accident occurred just after 3AM. The time I woke up earlier that morning. I assume the power flickered enough from the downed power line that my fan reacted from it, but the clocks kept on ticking. Could it be that the emotions and fear felt by the accident victim were so great that somehow I picked up on them just after awaking from a deep slumber? If not, why the unusual unknown fear that I could not explain? And why did I suddenly start to get hot after awaking when the room was a very confortable 70 degrees? The more I think about the incident the more I freak out about it.

For those of you that think coincidence (I know who you are) that's quite understandable. But as I was explaining earlier this evening, there is some stuff in this world that will never be explained and the connection we all have to this very universe is so completely undeniable yet so mysterious, how can we ever explain all that there is to explain?

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