Friday, July 29, 2005

So my buddy Andy made me this really nice marquee for my arcade. Because it was a little on the large side I decided to get it printed out professionally. So I did some research and found this little place in Roaring Spring (perhaps you’ve heard of that city, it’s world famous you know) that does printing and copying and such. I thought to myself, “This is going to be great!” So over a week ago I took the digital copy down there and told the lady working there what I had and the dimensions that I needed it printed out at. “Oh yeah,” she says. “That won’t be a problem.” So I left the place feeling pretty confident that they would do their job. So earlier this week I got a phone call from this lady and it went something like this, “So...yeah...there seems to be an issue with the picture you gave me last week. Sr. Manager is refusing to print it out because you are using Jimmy Neutron and she needs to know that you got permission from Nickelodeon to do such a thing.”

First of all, it’s not like Jimmy was demoralized or anything. He’s just waving! Second of all since when are pictures of cartoon characters illegal to print out? And thirdly, holy crap! It’s going in the basement of my house not on the front porch of the White House! So I went down to the place and talked with the lady there from before. She apologized and thought that the whole situation was ludicrous as well. We both had a good chuckle and I took my digital copy and left. On the way out I noticed a giant print out of a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the store...I wonder if the logo on those is copyrighted…

In any event, everything worked out as it appears we have a very nice printer at work which with a little bit of help I can use for free. So take that copy place in Roaring Spring! My work doesn’t care who the heck Jimmy Neutron is or the stupid company who owns him and his face!

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Andy said...

Yeah, they're idiots. You can print Jimmy for personal use, no matter what those yahoos say. I think the public deserves a look at this wonderful marquee.