Sunday, July 03, 2005

One week of camp down and yet still another to go. I've had a decent amount of people ask me why I use my vacation from work to yet just work some more at camp. Frankly I don't find camp work, but fun. Sure you don't get to sleep in and you're dealing with kids all day long, but hey, I get to play and coach volleyball for at least 7 hours a day and the only bad thing about that is that the gym is not air conditioned.

So far I have made two D&B trips, watched approximately seven movies and had chicken for dinner at least 4 times. By the way, speaking of D&B, did you know they have a new drink menu? Seems Vanilla Stoli is the ingredient of the year as it is in almost every new drink. Some drinks to test out next time you're there: Tropical Fling, Razzamatangini, Wedding Cake, and of course, the never outdated Naughty Redhead. Don't worry, I'm sure the new menu can be found later this month at the Barley Bar.

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