Monday, July 11, 2005

Was work insane today or what? I can't say I wasn't expecting it though. So since my mind-set is still at camp, let me tell you about my favorite camp story of this year.

So Fridays we go bowling with the campers at a place called SportsPlus! Since we have a decent amount of campers we take a big yellow school bus. Well this past Friday it was raining hard so the whole volleyball camp got to eat lunch in the cafeteria (we usually just eat lunch outside the gym). Bowling was right after lunch and suddenly we had five minutes to get ready and leave. Not a big deal, but I told one of campers she could go talk to one of her friends outside just a minute prior to the bowling announcement. So I go off to start looking for her. Keep in mind, I still need to change out of my volleyball gear and into some jeans and the camp t-shirt. Well the camper is no where in sight and suddenly I see the volleyball girls making a mad dash for the bus. I figure the missing camper must be with them and take off for the gym to change. I pretty much scoped out the gym real fast and dropped my drawers to change. I was booking it out to the bus until I'm within 100 feet of the bus and I see it start to pull away. I come to steady halt and think to myself, "Huh...They just left without me..." I wasn't going to be one of those people who run after the bus so I just walked back to the cafeteria in a confused state.

There I run into the camp director's assistant who informs me that the bus should be leaving shortly for bowling. I correct him and tell him it already left, but without me and he just chuckled. Now I was pretty confident that they wouldn't have left without a missing camper but apparently they didn't count the counselors before they left. I figured they would at least notice half way to SportsPlus! that the only male volleyball counselor wasn't on board, but no. It wasn't until after they were at the complex that my fellow counselors and campers realized Coach James was MIA. Luckily I caught the next bus out there, and happily I could have really cared less. I found the whole situation rather funny actually. My head counselor felt pretty darn bad and I definitely milked it all day (and weekend) long.

My campers just laughed at me for missing the bus. When I told the camper I was looking for earlier that I missed it because I was looking for her, she felt pretty bad then too and then offered me some of her root beer, which was pretty good by the way (don't worry, I only had a sip). Then another girl decided to see how hard she could slap a ketchup packet on the table with me standing right by it and completely lathered me with the red stuff. Since the day already was completely wacky I just laughed at her while she felt so bad that if you even mentioned the word ketchup she began to get upset.

Ah well. Just another day at camp, and one of the many reasons why I continue to go back. Honestly who wouldn't enjoy a day like that compared to working my butt off programming?

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