Sunday, July 31, 2005

So here's the interesting scenario of the week. I'm at my good friend from high school's (Kim) wedding chatting it up with my high school bud Jay and high school Calculus teacher. This in itself is not unusual for us since our calc class from high school gets together once a year to have lunch with our wonderful teacher. What made the moment interesting was the fact that Jay and I were downing Long Islands while The Big M. (calc teacher) was downing something the bartender liked to call, Better than a Pina Colada. When was the last time you got "happy" with a teacher from high school and enjoyed every minute of it? It was the first time for me. Quite the predicament.

So let's get back to Kim's wedding. I'm pretty sure it's the nicest wedding I'll ever be at. Though my sister Jenn's wedding was extremely nice she is my sister and as such I am completely biased with that so we will pretend like Jenn's wedding never existed for the sake of this conversation. So there was a small group there from my high school that I hadn't seen since December and before. And we picked up right where we left off. It's amazing to think what our small group has accomplished over the last 6 years. California radio, Chicago bands, Atlanta Alzheimers research, London teachers and the list goes on and on. In any event, it was great to see them all again and though it was semi-weird watching one of us get married, the evening couldn't have been planned better and the drinks couldn't have been more plentiful!

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Anonymous said...

Justin and I are enjoying your irrelevant observations about the most bland things like chocolate chip cookies and inflatable pools. PS: How long is this Song....; )