Monday, July 18, 2005

Is it hot outside or is it hot outside? When is there a break in sight? What do I care? I don't think about the weather anyway. So this past weekend was the weekend of parties. My friend Liz had a house warming party (very classy) and to top that day off I got a hug from her sister Mer! Yeah Andy! You like that??!! Then Sunday my colleague Ashley had a pool party with his fam, myself and Randy's fam. It was a fun time. What goes well with some goofy guys from automation, a pool, and a pool slide? Beer of course! I bet you didn't know you could have such a fun time on a pool slide. There are tons of different ways of going down (and smacking the water). The evening was capped off with a quarter stick on dynamite being detonated. That stuff has a kick let me tell you. So then Monday rolled around and I wanted to be in bed. But hey, there's another weekend just around the corner with a pool party and wedding. The summer of non-stop weekend fun has just begun!

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Andy said...

So you got the hug. You win. I'm far more interested in the totally Pennsylvania hick activity of blowing up a quarter stick of dynamite. Reading that took me back to my college days where there were entirely too many of those Pennsylvania country boys walking around.