Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So have you ever just sat down one evening while eating a few chocolate chip cookies and think, "Wow! Isn't life just like a CCC (chocolate chip cookie)?" Think about it. Some of our life is constant and bland (the dough) while other parts of our life is exotic and thrilling (the chocolate chips). Some cookies are larger than others and some are smaller. Some have more chocolate chips than others and some have less. The thrilling parts of our lives are somehow randomly dispersed throughout, much like the chocolate chips are in the cookie. If you store your cookie right, it will remain fresh and taste good, but let it be exposed to and absorb the impurities of the air it will soon become stale and be overtaken by germs and mold.

As we eat the cookie we begin to live our life, enjoying each bite with all the plainness of the dough and excitement of the chocolate chip in an almost perfect blend of opposites. The taste of the past bites remain in our mouth for a period of time until we take the next bite. Sometimes the past gets stuck in our teeth and we are forced to stop for the moment and free ourselves from it. Then, in one final bite, the cookie is all gone all that remains is the taste and memory of the cookie.

The taste of the cookie remains sweet and satisfying in our mouth. We peer down into the cookie jar and see all the different cookies and chocolate chips breaking off and becoming part of other cookies. We finally wash the last remains of the cookie down with a nice cool glass of milk, containing all the purity and refreshment that is yet to come.

What could possibly be a better metaphor of life than a chocolate chip cookie?

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amy said...

you sound like an seinfeld episode. :-)