Thursday, September 23, 2004

I would have to agree with Janet on this one. Though uniforms do make it nice in that you don't have to wonder what to wear for the day, it is nice to be able to express who we are by what we wear. And for some people, if they feel the need to express themselves as a teenage hoochie, then, well, that's their problem. Though I do think limits should be placed on how short skirts can go. Obviously if a junior high girl were to lean over to pick up a dropped pencil, I really don't want to be getting a glimpse of her underwear.

And why shouldn't girls be able to wear pants? If that's what they want. But, you have to keep in mind, that back in the day pants were a man's clothing. To be okay with women wearing pants, then the same people should be okay with men wearing skirts. Frankly it's not my style, but if that's what some people feel like wearing, and if men and women are indeed equal, then people really don't have an excuse to say it's only okay to go one way.

Volleyball is tonight. We should play a good team so it should be lots of fun. Let's not forget, that not only am I Batman off the court, but on the court as well!

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Kathi's Mind said...

hey James, how do you add friend link's to this bloggerspot site, I just got one, and I am a very confused individual, outside of my normal confused state of mind. Hook me up if you can! Thanks a bunch!