Thursday, September 16, 2004

The weekend started just a few hours ago! Well for me anyway. Tomorrow morning (around 400AM) I'm heading out for the Mid-Atlantic Volleyball Tournament in Rehoboth, DE. I'm pretty s(p)iked (just some volleyball puns!)! Though my beach skills don't quite match up with my indoor skills, I don't really care. The Boss let me take the day off and that's all I needed. Let's just hope that Crazy "I-lost-a-bomb-do-you-have-it?" Ivan keeps the rain a little further south.

Speaking of volleyball I've got a game tonight just outside The Cove. We are finally playing a descent team! I expect another 1-2-3 victory though. Although their one player is spectacular and has even been known to explode a volleyball upon spike contact, that is really all they have. I'll be blocking him most likely. Let's hope my fingers and hands hold out. The downside is, I'm not even joking about the exploding ball! The upside is I have seen him play and he hits low to the net, which means I can block him. I'll let you all know if I survive!

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