Monday, September 20, 2004

Why do I even click on Roman's link anymore? I have no idea.

Anywho, this weekend was the big Mid-Atlantic Volleyball Tournament down at Rehoboth Beach, DE. Hurricane Ivan didn't scare us away in the least! I wound up leaving here at 315AM Friday morning, meeting up with some people at Sheetz, then getting down to our room around 930AM. First of all, let me say that I only knew 2 person that we were hanging out with there. The guy who invited me, Earl and Kerry. So at Sheetz I met Darla, Kristy, Bob, Tim and his wife (forgot her name). So we stopped at Micky D's just before the Bay Bridge and got some breakfast, then when we got to the beach, we started playing volleyball right away! These people here could live, eat and sleep volleyball if they had the chance. So could I for that matter. So we meet up with more new people once we're down there, Brad, Wendy, Stephanie, Eric and Rene. We played some vball with each other getting warmed up for the tournament on Saturday.

Friday night was the night to end all nights! Keep in mind, I know just about no one here and they are all quite outgoing and just freakin' hilarious! Some of the girls have a lot to drink and get up and start dancing on the bar at the Summer House (not a gay bar by the way). Drunk guy over there can't even keep his eyes open anymore and the one bartender is kissing anyone who puts their boobs in his face! I did get picked on some for not talking too much, but I started warming up to them all by Sunday and felt okay to talk some smack to them. Needless to say they were pretty gung-ho on corrupting the young pup from Messiah College. They didn't corrupt me by any means, but it was pretty cool to hang out with people completely different from my normal crowd. I even got to know one girl, Stephanie, pretty well. Too bad I was only 1 month younger than her making me the baby of the group. Oh well.

So needless to say, I got about 3 hours of sleep Thursday night and then maybe a good 5 on Friday before playing volleyball on Saturday. I played BB division with Earl and we didn't do too bad, but we could have done better. 4 and 8 was our record that day. The morning was pretty nice, but come the afternoon, the wind was blowing around 20 mph and pouring rain. Volleyball in that kind of weather just isn't volleyball. But it was fun. Earl's wife, Lanett decided to go shopping and made Earl and I walk a mile and a half back to our room from the beach with the chairs, bags and umbrella in the cold wind and rain. My arms were blue by the time we got to our room. But it was fun (on a quick side note, I just got the new DMB live album in the mail just now!).

Saturday night was another late one at the Summer House, but Stephanie and I were pretty tired so we left early. Since Sunday was the co-ed doubles tournament, and her first teammate pulled his hamstring on Saturday, Stephanie asked me to play with her on Sunday. So I had to get some kind of sleep so I didn't disappoint her, since I'm told she is quite the player! And she was. Unfortunately though Sunday was a beautiful day, the wind was around 20 mph the whole day so we couldn't really play anything that resembled volleyball. We played okay with a score of 5 and 5. It was fun though. By 300PM we needed some food since the guys that said they'd get us some around 100PM weren't back yet. We went to the Ram's Head to get some burgers and watch the end of the Stiller's game. Of course they lost. Why would I expect anything less?

All-in-all the weekend was an amazing time for me. I met a slew of great people who'd do just about anything for you and with you, and who just LOVE the game of volleyball. I even got myself into some more tournaments come Turkey Day. The best thing is all these people live around here so I'm sure I'll get to hang out with them again shortly. Some a little sooner than other's maybe . . . Anyway, I'm sure I left stuff out about this weekend, so if you have questions, e-mail me! The next beach tournament is in the spring and you will definitely find me there!!

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