Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Where are people going when they drive with their shirts off? Is there some big shirtless bash I didn't hear about? I know they aren't going to the grocery store or out to eat or anything like that. Do they get in the car, take their shirt off, then put it back on when they get out? Doesn't the ripped up leather one seater burn their back when they lean against it? Who do I go to to get the answers to all of these questions??

So does anyone else have something for me to fix? Today I fixed my garage door that has been having trouble closing for the past few weeks. Before this evening, the door would go down, then come right back up. Apparently there is a little switch that the chain mechanism triggers that tells the motor when to stop. The trigger was no longer triggering so after breaking it yet even more, I just cut some Plexiglas, and cleverly attached that to the broken trigger. Then I decided, like all good engineers should, to make the door work better. So instead of having the door come crashing to the ground, I decided to just have it ease its way the last few inches and gracefully rest on the ground. Should work great for another 23 years . . .

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