Monday, September 06, 2004

Well, it was a nice long weekend break. Sadly, it will come to an end around 11:59PM tonight. But, the nice thing about long weekends is that you have a short work week after the weekend. So it's like a double bonus! Volleyball last night was fun as always. My parents even came out to see me play. It was the first time they have ever seen me play the sport, so that was pretty neat. I enjoyed having them there to watch.

This coming week should be a busy one. I'm hoping to get out of the office most of the week and replace a whole slew of PCs at the plants. My programming is sort of on hold right now as Ashley and I wait for a few meetings to take place so we can get a little more direction. Until then my time will be spent driving around and re-organizing older code to conform with upcoming company coding standards. What a pain! But oh well. I guess if The Company wants to make it more confusing, then that's their ordeal, not mine.

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