Monday, September 27, 2004

So another weekend has come and gone. I spent the majority of the time hanging out in Camp Hill with Kate. Though most of Saturday was still spent watching football on TV. I was highly disappointed with Penn State's performance. Once their second QB was knocked out, I figured the game was all but lost. And it sure was!

Yesterday I had a volleyball game and finished in time to watch to last 3 quarters of the Stillers game. Now the Stillers were playing in Miami. Why they didn't postpone this game is beyond me. Half the field was just complete mud that's to torrential downpoars and the baseball infield. Even with their nearly 100 yards of penalties and their rookie QB's first start, the Stillers still managed to pull some amazing crap out of their cracks! Hey, when you've got a room full of guys, pizza, wings, and one highly energized, talkative toddler, you're gonna have some interesting times!

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