Thursday, September 02, 2004

I'm not a big supporter for politics. Most people that know me, know about the pure communist island I want to live at where only smart, attractive people are allowed to live and there is no king, no president, no power, only truly equal people. The need for this island to be only inhabited by truly intelligent people (not those intelligent people that think they are smart and use their intelligence for evil) is so that we all understand how to live as a community and how to make the island work without crime or any politics. The need for the people to be attractive is mainly for my (shallow) sake. Grant it, some people think this is crazy talk (Christen), but it would truly be the greatest and most peaceful place on Earth.

But since it is most likely I will never come into the ownership of any island period, I'll just have to deal with the politics of life. The fact is we all have different beliefs and there will never be a candidate of any kind that will satisfy the beliefs of every single person affected by the candidate. So we all make a choice and live with the choices we make and other's make. We do it every day. I may choose to go to work, and my colleague may not. My choice and his choice causes me to do more work that day. It's just how life works. Most of the time the right choice is all relative. Just like time and space. But the right choice is always the choice you make because it's what you truly believe to be right, not what you want to be right. Just keep that in mind for the future choices you will be making the rest of your life.

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