Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I never quite thought about naming children, as it will be quite some time before I am in that predicament, but it was brought to my attention today. A co-worker is having a baby in a number of months and her mom brought up the name James Robert as a suggestion. Since my username at work is jrbarley (don't hack, you don't know my password) she was curious if that was my name as my first name is James (though I go by Jamie there). She was a little concerned, but heck I don't care if she named her kid after me! Anywho, so we got to talking and it turns out, choosing a baby name is very time consuming. There's so much to think amount. The main thing is coming up with a name that other kids can't make fun of. She wasn't to found of nicknames, even regular ones. With James she was concerned about people calling him Jimmy, though she did like Jamie (of course her mother informed her that Jamie was a girl's name). I told her Jimmy wasn't so bad and that it was my nickname thru college.

Anyway I got sidetracked. Choosing a name. You need to watch it or else your kid will end up the laughing stock of the school. Take the name Claiton Rae Garmen. Sounds nice right? Wrong! Would you like to be called Clay Ray? Or how about Robert James Garmen? Ha! Hey Jim Bob! It's a tough world out there. Kids can be brutal. But we have all had our moments, and we grow up, with minimal scaring. But a name is a name, and it is who we are. And what grown up doesn't like their own name these days? This is Jimmy Dick, signing off!

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