Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Snow Whores mock me. No sooner do I take the ski racks off my car then they deliver 3 inches of snow in my back yard! PTEWW! I spit on their melting entities. Anyway, with today's snow, I've seen Pringles potato chips that were smaller than some of the flakes coming down. It was pretty wild.

So I have come to following conclusion today: Everybody has their "Blond Moments." However, I have narrowed the field down to four catagories as to how people act when they have them and why it seems some people never have them at all.

First, there are the true blonds. Let's face it. They don't even know they are having them. Basically their whole life is a blond moment. End of story. Then there are those that dye their hair blond. They have the blond moment, but for whatever reason, they choose to tell the rest of the world that they are having it. It's like they're trying to prove something. I don't get it. Then there are those who do not have blond hair, do not dye their hair blond, yet for whatever reason, their hair is not blond but maybe should be. Huh...Could have fooled me. The darkness though does allow them to be aware of the blond moment, so generally they fall under category two. And finally there are the rest of us. Us true dark haired wonders that, on rare occasions have a blond moment, however, the dark hair allows us to:

A. Usually experience the moment by ourselves and be smart enough not to tell anyone that it ever happened.
2. Play it off like it was some random happening that the event even took place.
D. Make it look like it was the exact thing we wanted to happen.

It's what separates us from the rest of you all. You never know it was even there! So which group do you fall under? Of course the red heads are exempt from all, because...Well let's face...They're red heads...Hmmmmmm...


Kathi said...

So what about those who are blonde but they dye their hair dark???

Jimmy said...

I didn't know they exist, but if they do they are apparently smart enough to know they need to get themselves out of catagory one!