Sunday, March 20, 2005

I'm in pain! Yesterday I played in a fours volleyball tournament from 8am to 5pm. Of course we had the usual breaks to keep score, and one break to go get some food, but other than that, it was play. We started off sucking pretty bad. There were seven teams and you play each team once, with two games per match. We lost our first 6 games. Then we decided to change our clothes...That made a difference. We won our next four games straight after that! We finished regular play 5-7 and were pretty sure we weren't making it to the playoffs. It turned out that there was a three way tie for 4th place with us as one of them. Even better news, we beat both teams that we were tied with in regular so it was off to the semis! After over an hour of waiting for the last game to get done I was starting to cramp up and we still had our playoff game against seed #1 with giant tree man. Needless to say we lost both games and left as four extremely tired people. But it was fun. Now every muscle from my neck down to my knees is sore. I was going to go boarding one last time today but getting out of bed ended that thought really quick. Oh well. It turned out to not be such a bad season after all. Now it's volleyball tournament time with the next one in April in Altoona at The Summit in the racketball courts (wallyball). The best part about that is that it's all weekend long and they give you all the beer you can drink...For free!!

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