Monday, March 21, 2005

I’d say you could call me an amateur myth buster. I don’t quite go to the extremes like those guys on TV, but I do my research and I do it well. A few of the previous myths that I’ve busted in the past involve Daddy Long Legs not being the most poisonous spider in the world or even close to it and the fact that Dr. Pepper contains absolutely no prune juice in it what-so-ever in any way, shape, or form. Yesterday I had my most recent bust. It was brought to my attention that an egg could only stand on end during an equinox. Of course this made absolutely no sense to me, “Man of Science” and according to some “Expert of the Paranormal.” So we set out to do a test.

First of all let it be known that I really didn’t expect an egg to ever come to rest on its tip, at least not the eggs I eat anyway. So of course, since yesterday was the vernal equinox we grabbed an egg and tested away on my counter top. To no surprise to me, the egg would not stand. Others were more disappointed. So we tried to rest the egg on a softer surface. With a little bit of effort we were able to rest the egg on its end on a soft coaster for a few seconds at a time, but nothing more. Note: Do not attempt this on an end table in a room with carpet for reasons you can obviously think of. So it still didn’t make any sense to me why this would not be able to happen any other day. I mean, yeah Earth’s tilt on this day is normal to the sun, but that has absolutely nothing to do with an egg standing on its end. It’s not as though Earth’s tilt doesn’t exist on this day (which would still not cause this abnormality), or that gravity is not so severely distorted that an egg will rest on its hide. After some hard-core research it was found that eggs could (or could not) stand on end any old time of the year.

So when you hear something peculiar about the world around you (or you read it in the Altoona Mirror) and it just doesn’t sound right, give Jimmy the Man of Science, Paranormal Extraordinaire a buzz and let him set you straight. We can’t have bogus information flying all around the world now can we? That’s how rumors get started and how I get annoyed…

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