Thursday, March 10, 2005

This past weekend I watched a documentary by Warren Miller called Cold Fusion. If you've never heard of Warren Miller (no relation to my sister's husband...I think...), you're obviously not a ski or snowboard enthusiast. This man makes the absolute best documentaries ever! We're talkin' fantastic camera shots, and amazing people flying hundreds of feet in the air landing in 4 feet of fresh powder off a jump from the top of some barren mountain in Alaska. He interviews amazing people in an amazing style and a single documentary could take you all around the world, to each of the seven continents to find the best ski spots at each place. If this guy knew there was snow and mountains on the moon, he'd have a camera crew, a few hikers/skiers, and a pair of skis and be half way there by now. Miller can not only capture the awesomeness of a mountain and its terrain, but also the skill and playfulness of his subjects. If you've never seen a Warren Miller documentary, and you're a snow enthusiast, I highly suggest you find one, and be truly awe-struck!

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