Thursday, March 03, 2005

I'll admit it; I'm not much of a writer. When it comes to being artistic and creative, well, I think I got the short end of the straw. It'd be nice to be able to play an instrument, or be able to draw and paint, or even be able to scrapbook (well, okay, not that really). But alas, my mind is purely mathematical. Anything that is without pattern or logic is lost to me. If something does not have structure, or rules, then it is unfathomable. Though I still admire the beauty in the chaos that is creativity. For creativity is purely chaos and randomness somehow designed to impersonate structure and order. You could try to come up with a computer program that would design a portrait or landscape or some sort of artistic creation, but it would be solely based on rules and algorithms. It would never be truly random and it would never be truly creative. Though, behold, even the most mathematical minds have a trace amount of creativity in them. It's called imagination. Go on, think up anything your heart and mind desires. I promise you this, it can be purely chaotic, purely random, purely creative and it's what makes us purely human.

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