Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Something I never thought about until now is moving away (I'm not planning on it so don't worry). Far away. Sure during college I had these delusions of going to live in Washington state or North Dakota, but that didn't pan out too well. I wound up moving in with Pops in The Cove that time forgot. At first it was rough, but I finally met some great people and got the hang of life 'round here. So in my short existence I have moved from Lancaster, PA, to Grantham, PA to Martinsburg, PA. The End. I'd hardly classify myself as a world traveler. But the thought of moving away, far away, pretty much just scares the snot out of me. My life has always been here in good old PA, U.S. of A. Living outside the country...It's something that doesn't even exist in my mind.

Let me express some pride here in my country here. I love this country! Call me ethnocentric if you like, but frankly, we have it good. It bothers me to no end people that choose to live here, and yet complain about how bad this country is. Sure it's not perfect, heck it might not even be close (it's no communism, or Canada that's for sure) but a country is only as good as the people that live in it. If you're constantly looking for the bad, and all the faults within our government, then sure that's all you're going to see. But you know; even if you decide to move away, far away, still have some pride. For it was this country that made you the person you are today. And maybe that's a good thing, maybe it's not. That's your call.

But back to moving away, far away. Moving across seas...Hey if you can do it, more power to ya. But frankly, I've grown accustomed to the way of life here in The States and I don't ever see myself trading it for anything. For those of you that are moving away, far away, I say to you, "Aloha." Farewell to all you've ever known about life and Welcome to that brand new walk that lies ahead. May you achieve exactly what you set out to do!

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