Monday, August 30, 2004

Boy Andy, I thought I was a little out of the times. Stacy's Mom has been out for a year or so. But it is a great song, cause it just makes you want to jam right along with it (sort of like Semi-Charmed Life (inside joke for those of you not in the "inner circle")). Julie really likes it when I substitute her name into the song in place of Stacy.

Anywho, hopefully this week I'll be back on top with my posts. Last week was pretty hectic with my dad being in the hospital with kidney stones that just magically disappeared, and me being Batman and all (isn't it funny how I make references to things some of you people reading don't even have a clue about). This past weekend I had the part of the year, though from the sounds of it, it may be just the month as everyone had so much fun, they want to do it again. Honestly, nothing really beats swimming at 3AM, dancing in front of the TV for hours, and then being super dehydrated the next morning, then wake up and head to a ball game. A great time was had by all, and hopefully, more people will be able to make it next time. You know who you all are . . .

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