Monday, August 02, 2004

Despite my 6AM wake-up page on Saturday morning my weekend turned out to be pretty fun. Kate came to visit for the weekend which allowed me to deliver pretty much the biggest beat down of Mario Golf (GCN) of all time! Of course, what is a victory without a crap load of trash talk? And in typical Jimmy fashion, I always hand out the trash talk. It was then ironic that Sunday church service was comparing the game of Monopoly to the monopoly Jesus holds on eternity. As the pastor (who is also my neighbor (he has three daughters (Julie, Christen, and Barnie (Bonnie)) all of which I love to hang out with and beat at video games such as Goldeneye (N64))) was talking about Monopoly and power and complete control, Barnie kept giving me evil stares. Of course she's remembering the time I relentlessly and masterfully destroyed her and her sisters at the game. Apparently she holds a grudge. Of course, in typical Jimmy fashion, I challenged her to another game of Monopoly with a nice evil grin, already planning my strategy for conquest! With her decline I decided to back off a little and just challenge her to some nice Goldeneye (N64) action. Too bad I'm way better at Goldeneye (N64) then I am at Monopoly! She knows that, I'll just have to refresh her memory.

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