Monday, August 02, 2004

I wasn't done yet with my other post, but hey, A guys gotta eat! So I had a dentist appointment today. When I was little I used to hate going so much! In fact I remember some times I even faked sick so I didn't have to go (sorry Mom, the truths gotta come out some time). Anyway, so now that I'm an old fart going to the dentist is no big whoop. So I walk in and sit in the patient chair and no sooner am I sitting down than the dentalhygentist starts talking to me. "OK, fine." I thought. So she talked, and asked me questions and still talked and asked me more questions. Usually it's not a problem when people talk to me but I've got a stupid Mr. Slurpy in my mouth and that annoying buzzer thing. I can't say a word! Then she starts going to down with the dental floss! "Easy lady! Save some of that gum so you can do that 6 months from now!" Oh well. It got me out of work early so a little pain every six months isn't too bad.

And before I forget! A Happy One Year Aniversery to my great friends Andy and Janet! Lets keep the adventures of tonight to ourselves, okay?

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