Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I received some interesting emails about my previous post about a dream that I have had. I don't consider myself an expert on dreams, but I have studied them for quite some time and can talk intelligently about what dreams mean. However, there are different views about what dreams mean. Some would say dreams symbolize the future. Most dream interpretation books take this approach. This is like saying, if you dream about books you will gain great knowledge in the future. There is also the suppressed dream view. This view assumes dreams unlock the subconscious and tell us who we are and how we see things. Since I am no futurist (though I do believe in knowing the future) I tend to fall more on the supressed dream view. Dreams can tell us a world of insight about ourselves . . . but why? Some of my readers will undoubtedly argue against what I am about to say, and that's okay, all I ask is to respect my beliefs as I do your's. What if a part of us (whether it be our mind or soul) has a forth dimensional depth? Let me break it down one dimension for you. If you were cut out a square (okay, so I'm borrowing from Flatland here) from a piece of paper and lay it flat on a surface, you would say it was only 2 dimensional right? WRONG! It does have 3 dimensions! The problem is that the third is so insignificant we choose to ignore it. What if the 4th dimension (consider I am choosing to label Time as the 4th dimension here) of life was but an insignificant part that we just choose to ignore it? Now what if our subconscious does NOT ignore it? Dreams would thus be an insight into the future (and I know at least one person who has seen visions of the future). Would this also not solve the riddle of deja vu? Now I know physiologists just pass that off as saying you accidentally write to the long term memory instead of the short term memory in our brains, but there is no proof of that. What if this incredible world around us was so much more than we could possibly believe and experience? Why wouldn't it be? There's thing in life you could argue about all day long! But when it really comes down to the basics of it, it all becomes Faith.

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